About Us


 The creation of Shell Nature was formed by an inspired individual on his travels (myself) starting in Australia, January 2017.

In this world, we live amongst amazing animals, and one inspirational creature seen within the Great Barrier Reef by the creator of Shell Nature, was the amazing Green Sea Turtle. There are many other turtle species found around this area alone, and nearly all are classified as endangered due to human action and lifestyles. The biggest threats include: Entanglement in fishing gear, poaching and illegal trade of eggs, meat, and shells.

The good news! There are conservation foundations set up to help save these beautiful creatures of mother earth. In particular is the SEA TURTLE FOUNDATION, who are a non-profit, non-government group working to protect sea turtles through, research, education and action. This passion shouldn’t be gone un-noticed, and that is where Shell Nature comes in. Shell Nature is set up to help towards foundations like this, by donating 10% of each order to help deliver conservation projects across the world.

Shell Nature aims high to produce unique attire for all styles, with cool designed prints to be proud of!

Turtles have incredible features of endurance, persistence, resilience and longevity. These are inspiring traits and hopefully encourages us as humans to live a life with the same principles.

Join our mission to support these wonderful foundations whilst adding a unique style to your wardrobe.